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RENTaRAMP, CarStages and The SeeSaw Car Stage are copyright products invented, manufactured and distributed in the UK solely by Showroom Events & Promotions. If you have any doubts on validity of copyright please see here

In the same way that another company could not reproduce the style of the Jaguar XJ6, the Ford Fiesta or even a particular fashion dress from the catwalk confusing the market, no company in Europe can reproduce our ©SEE-SAW design.

Almost 6,000 car ramps and car stages have been sold with more than 2,000 rented to car dealers all over the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland. Click here to see some buyers.

Nowadays we have our COPIERS. However, we maintain 90% of the market and GUARANTEE that we are big enough to undersell them and have been here long enough for you to value our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.........that's if you find any copier not dangerously cutting down the quality.

Of course one day we will discover a copier trying to make from paper mashy!

Showroom Events began trading in 1992 with an aim of assisting the UK franchise car dealer network with technically superior dealership events and open evenings. For more details on our events click here.

During the life of the company we have built many unique car effects the sole purpose of launching new cars on behalf of the worlds largest car manufactures. On many of these occasions we would have a need to raise a car onto a stage quickly, easily and often without power.

The fact that most vehicles are 2/3rds front heavy gave us the idea of inventing a ©SEE-SAW car stage to lift these cars on site at events. Then, after using the system at many dealerships we were ask to build units for clients. These clients wanted to raise a Car Of The Week on the front forecourt. Or create a Staged Look at a shopping centre or show.

From over 30 initial build designs we eventually developed what has become known as the ©seesaw car stage or ©seesaw ramp. Many things affected the current design. Height, length and centre balance are all intrinsically tied to each other. Strength and portability was also a major issue over such a length.

Too high and the rate of climb meant the front valance or exhaust would foul. The only way to overcome this is with more length. However, more length on today's compact car sites is simply not possible. We had to keep within a reasonable length, get a good height with a reasonable incline to ensure extra space was taken up.

Balance points needed to be controlled and each car on the market would have a different balance point. It was not acceptable to have the unit tilting before the car was on the frame. Or, have the unit bending because of the extra stresses exerted during climb up.

The mathematics of height v length v balance simply did not work out on paper. Trial and error was the only way forward and after a 2 years of trials a final design was agreed. The design then had to be stress tested to destruction by specialist. Even with over 6 tonnes of weight we still had no sign of collapse. So, after receiving certification we now approve 2.5 tonne of weight on each pair of units. In reality, rarely does a car weight exceed 2 tonne.

Since conception CarStages™ and rentAramp™ have built well over 6,000 sets of the ©seesaw car stage. Of course we have made many designs and like car makers we also have sold less robust units under other names.

These units are now used all over the UK as The Standard to lift cars up for display. Being lightweight, requiring no power, no maintenance and no servicing has made the ©seesaw stage a huge success among dealers and exhibition suppliers all over the UK and indeed the world.

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