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Over 90% of those you see are our ORIGINAL SAFE units with a 10 year safety record

Below are a SMALL SAMPLE of our account clients.................


The following manufacturers dealerships have accounts set up

Alfa Romeo Aston Martin Audi Vag U K Ltd B M W G B Ltd Bentley Motors Limited Chevrolet Citroen U K Ltd Daihatsu International Motors Daimler Chrysler Jeep U K Ltd Ferrari Maserati UK Ltd Fiat Auto (UK) Ltd Ford Motor Co Honda U K Ltd Hyundai U K Ltd Jaguar Cars U K Ltd Kia Motors U K Land Rover (U K) Lotus Cars Ltd Mazda Cars U K Ltd Mercedes Benz U K Ltd Mini UK Ltd Mitsubishi Colt Car Co Ltd NAC MG UK Ltd Nissan Motors G B Ltd Perodua UK Ltd Peugeot Motor Co Plc Porsche Cars G B Ltd Proton Cars (U K) Ltd Renault U K Ltd Rolls Royce S Y UK Ltd Saab G B Ltd Seat U K Ltd Skoda U K Ltd Smart Subaru / Isuzu U K Ltd International Motors Suzuki GB Toyota G B Ltd Toyota G B Ltd Lexus V W Vag U K Ltd Vauxhall Motors Ltd Volvo Cars U K Ltd

The following groups have an account set up

All sub groups of Pendragon PLC, A C Williams Garages Ltd, A E Wilcox & Son Ltd, A R G Group, Abbey Motor Group, Acorn Group Ltd, Acre Lane Garage Ltd, Adams & Sons Ltd, Adams Brothers Ltd, Adams Group, Advantage Motor Group, Agnews, Alan Day Motor Group, Alexander, All Electric Garages Plc, Amethyst Motor Group, Ample Main Ltd, Ancaster Group, Andrew Rowley, Anthony Betts Motor Group, Approach Group, Aprite Nissan GB, Arbury Group, Arbury Motor Group, Archbold Logistics Ltd, Archers Group, Arnold Clark Automobiles, Astley Group, Autobase Ltd, Autohaus Group, Autohous Group, Autosales, Autovision Group, Autoworld Group, B C C Group, B S Marson & Sons, Baileys Group, Ballards of Finchley Plc, Balmer Lawn Group, Bannerman, Barkers Motor Group, Barmoor Garage Ltd, Barnard & Brough, Barnes Group, Barnetts Motor Group, Barons Group, Barras Car Centre Ltd, Barretts Of Canterbury Gro, Bassetts, Batchelors Of Ripon, Baylis Haines & Strange, Beadles Group, Becks Motor Group, Bedfordia Motor Holdings, Beechdale Motor Group, Beechwood Group, Bell & Colvill, Bell Southern Ltd, Belle Vue Motors Ltd, Bellinger Group, Bells Motor Group, Bells Trucks Ltd, Belmont Garage Ltd, Benbar Ltd, Benfield Motor Group, Bestodeck Group, Bickets Motor Group, Bicknells, Birchwood Group, Thompson Motor Group, Thorndale Group, Thornton Garage (Thornton), Threeways Ltd, Thurlby Motor Group, Thurlow Nunn, Thurlow Nunn , Tincknell Group, Toll House, Tony Purslow Group, Toomey Motor Group, Town & Country Group, Town & County Group, Trinity Motors, Trust Group UK, Turner Motor Group, Underwood Motor Group, Underwoods Motor Group, United Co Operative, Vertu Motors, Vertu Motors, Verve Ltd, Verve Ltd, Victoria Park Motors, Vindis Group, Vines Group, Vospers, W Grose Motor Group, W J H Motors Ltd, W J King Group, W K B, W L N Group, W M Couper Ltd, W R Davies Motors, W W Webber, Walker Partnership, Walldonway Ltd, Walter E Sturgess, Warner Motor Group, Warrington Motor Group, Wayside Group, Webbers, Welch Group, Wellington Motors Group, Wem Motors Ltd, Wessex Group, West End Group, West Riding Motor Group, Westaway Motors Group, Westdrive, Westdrive , Western Motor Group, Westlands, Westover Group, White Dove Group, White Rose Group, Whitehouse, Whitehouse South London Lt, Whitequay Group, Whitmores, Whitmores , Wight Motors Ltd, William A Lewis Group, William Dunnet & Co Ltd, William Jacks Group, Williams Group, Willoughby Group, Wilmoths Group, Wilsons Group, Winchester Motor Company, Windsors Group, Wingrove Motor Co Ltd, Wollaston Motors Ltd, Wood Group, Woodford Motor Co Ltd, Wool & Bovington Motor Gro, Worcester Car Sales Ltd, Wrights Motor Group, Wyatt Motor Group, Yeomans Group, Yeomans Group, , , , , , , Blackdale Motor Company, Blade Motor Group, Blake Group, Blue Bell Group, Bollingmores Group, Bond Street Group, Border Automobile Group, Bovington Motors Ltd, Bowker Group, Bramall & Jones Ltd , Brandish Ltd, Braylake Cars, Brayley Cars Ltd, Bredon Motors Group, Breeze Motor Company, Bridge Motors, Bridges Group, Bridgnorth Garage Group, Brincars Ltd, Brindley Motor Group, Brinleys Group, Bristol Street Motors, Brookdene Motors Ltd, Brooklyn Motors Plc , Brookside Ltd, Broughtons, Browns, Browns Motor Group, Buckingham & Stanley Group, Burnham Garage Group, Bushey Heath Garage Ltd, Bussey & Sabberton, C E M Day Group, C H Bull & Sons Ltd, C J Hardie & Son Ltd, C S M Group, C V C Group, Caffyns Plc, Caledonia Motor Group Ltd, Calterdon Ltd, Camden Corporate Fleet Ser, Camden Retail Ltd, Camden Ventures, Cameron Group, Carco Group, Carnation Group, Carrs Group, Cattermoles Of Ipswich Ltd, Cawdor Car Group, Cecil & Larter Ltd, Central Garages, Chandlers Farm Equipment L, Chandlers Garages Ltd, Chapel House Motors, Charters, Chippenham Motor Company L, Chorley Nissan Group, Chris Allen Garages Ltd, Chris Variava Group, Churchbridge Motor Garage, Citroen Retail Group, City Motor Holdings, City Motor Holdings , City West Country Group, City West Country Ltd, Citygate, Cleckheaton Holdings, Merritts Motor Group, Midland Autocar Co Ltd, Mill Hill Garage Ltd, Mill Lane Group, Millenium Motor Group, Mitchell Motor Group, Mitchell North West Ltd, Mon Motors, Mon Motors Group, Morris Forshaw Ltd, Motorfair (Birmingham) Ltd, Motorline Group, Motorway Cars Ltd, Motorworld, Murketts Ltd, Murley Group, Murray Motors Group, Mylchreests Group, N K Motor Group, Newbolds Garage (Mansfield, Nicholas Smiths Garage Ltd, Nick Whale Holdings Ltd, Nidd Vale Group, Norfolk Motor Group, Norman Fairweather Motors, North Denes Garage Ltd, North East Garages Ltd, North Oxford Garage Ltd, Northern Motors, Northgate Group, Norton Way Motors, O M C Motor Group, O M C Motor Group , Oakmere Motor Group, Ocean Automotive Group, Octagon Motor Co, Olds Motor Group, Ormskirk Motors, Oxted Motor Company, P F K Ling Ltd, P N G Group, P N G Group, P V Dobson, Pain Car Sales Ltd, Palmers Group, Panda Motors Ltd, Park Lane Group, Parklands, Parks Motor Group, Parks of Hamilton (Holding, Parkway & Derby Group, Pat Kirk Group, Patterson Group, Pearsons, Pebley Beach Motor Group, Pendragon Plc, Peninsula Group, Pennine Group, Pentagon Motor Group, Penton Motor Group, Pentraeth Group, Peoples Group, Perrys Group, Perrys Motorsales Ltd, Peter Nash Group, Peter Stockill Ltd, Philip Wilks, Phoenix Car Company, Clelands Group, Cleverly Group, Clinton Motor Company Ltd, Clist & Rattle, Co- Operative Motors , Colborne Group, Colebrook & Burgess, Colebrook & Burgess , Colin Appleyard Ltd, Colliers Motor Group, Colt Cars, Colt Cars Midwest Ltd, Colt Midwest Group, Compass Cars, Constitution Motors Ltd, Conwy, Cooks Goup, Cooks Group, Cooks Group, Co-op Motor Group, Corby Motor Group, Corkills Group, Corton Smith, Cotswold Motor Group, County Garage Group, Course & Beacham Ltd, Court & Smith, Coventry Motor Company, Crawley Down Group, Cresser Car Company, Cross Road Garages (Oxford, Crossflags (Motors) Ltd, Crown Motors Group, Crystal Motor Group, Currie Motors, Curtis Cars Ltd, D B Autos Ltd, D C Uk, D G Stoker, D Green & J Underhill, D J Cox Ltd, D M Keith Group, D S Dalgleish & Son, D S G Group, Daimler Chrysler Uk, Dales Central Motors Ltd, Dan Perkins, David Cox Group, David Hayton, David Jones Garages, David Meek Group, David Prentice (Cars) Ltd, De Vries Group, Deardens Group, Dearne Valley Motor Compan, Denkale, Desira Group Plc, Desira Motor Company, Devon Motor Group, Dews Garages Ltd, Dick Lovett Group, Dickens Group, Dickens Group, Dicksons, Dicksons, Dingles Motor Group, Dinnages, Direct Cars Group, Dixon Motor Holdings Ltd (, Dobies Group, Donalds Motor Group, Donnelly Bros, Douglas Paul Group, Drake & Fletcher, Drayton Group, Drift Bridge Group, Driftbridge Garage Group, Drive Motor Retail, Dutton Forshaw Motors, E M G Holdings Ltd, E S Jones Ltd, E W Motor Services, Eakin Bros Ltd, East Ridings Sacks, Eastern Western Motor Grou, Eddy Grimstead Motors Ltd, Edwin May Group, Elite Motors Group, Epsom Motor Company Ltd, Essex Ford Motor Group, Eurocars Ltd, Evans Auto, Everton Garage Ltd, F Cross & Sons Ltd, F G Barnes & Sons Ltd, F J Chalke Ltd, F R F Motor Group, Farmer & Carlisle Group, Farmer Group Ltd, Fish Brothers, Fiskens Motor Group, Flear & Thomson Ltd, Foray Motor Group, Ford Retail Uk, Forest Gate Corby Ltd, Fownhope Motors, Francis Motor Group, Freeborn Motor Group, Freelance Motor Group, Frosts Motor Group, Fulton West London Ltd, Furrows Ltd, G K Group, G M D Group, Gallaghers Group, Gates Group, Gatwick Group, General Motors, Gilder Group, Gilesgate Ltd, Glenvarigill Group, Global Car Group Ltd, Glyn Hopkins Ltd, Golden Hill Garage Ltd, Gordon Lamb Group, Gordons, Gordons, Gormley Motors, Graeme P Chatham, Grantham Honda, Grassicks Garage Ltd, Graypaul, Greenhous Group, Greenoaks Group, Greenoaks Group, Greens, Greens Motors, Grenson Motor Co Ltd, Grenson Motor Company, Griffin Mill Garages Ltd, Grose Group, Grosvenor Contracts, Grovebury Cars Ltd, H R Owen PLC, Hadley Green, Hadwins, Halliwell Jones Ltd, Hamiltons, Hammond Group, Hardies Motor Group, Harratts Group, Harry Fairbairn Ltd, Hartwell Plc, Harwoods, Harwoods Group, Hatfields, Hawco Group, Hawkins Motor Group, Hawthorne Motor Co, Helston Garages Group, Hendy Group, Heritage Group, Hexagon Of Highgate Ltd, Hidsons Group, Highweek Garage Ltd, Hildenborough Group, Hills Group, Hilton Cooper Ltd, Hobin Group Ltd, Hodgson Automotive Group, Holdcroft Motor Group, Holden Group, Horizon Motor Group, Horners Motor Group, Howards Group, Hughes Garage Ltd, Hughes Group, Humming Bird Group, Humphries & Parks Ltd, Humphris of Oxford Ltd, Hunston Holdings Plc, Huntson Holdings Plc, Hylton Group, Ian Allan Group, Ian White Group Ltd, Icebroom Motors, Inchcape Plc, Ingram Motoring Group, International Motors, Isaac Agnew Group, Issac Agnew Group, J & J Motors Ltd, J C B Ltd, J C T 600, J F & E Hadwin, J H Haskins, J K C Specialist Cars Ltd, J T Hughes, Jack Hammerton Ltd, Jacksons, Jacksons , James & Jenkins Group, Jardine Motor Group, Jemca Group, Jenkins Group Holdings, Jennings Motor Group, John Banks Group, John Clark Motor Group, John Grose Group, Picadilly Motors, Picador Group, Pilling Motor Group, Pinewood Motor Group, Pinkstone Cars Ltd, Platinum Group, Platts Garage Ltd, Platts Motor Company, Porsche Retail Group, Portman Motors Ltd, Premier Autocentre Ltd, Premier Automotive Ltd, Prestige Garage Ltd, Preston Group, Prince, Pye Motors, Pye Motors, Quest Group, Quest Group, R A Creamer, R M B, R N Golden Ltd, R R G Group, Randles Group Ltd, Rayrigg Motor Group, Reagroup Uk Ltd, Reekie Group, Regis Garage (Bognor ) Ltd, Renrod Motor Group, Renwicks Group, Research Garage Group Ltd, Ribble Valley, Richard Alexander Group, Richard Corts Ltd, Richard Hardie Group, Richard Sanders Group, Riders Group, Ridgeway Group, Ringways Garages Ltd, Riverside Motor Group, Roadside Motor Group, Robert Bowett Group, Robins & Day, Robinsons Motor Group, Rowcliffes, Rowcliffes, Rowes Group, Rowes Group, Rowstock Group, Royles Group Plc, Ruberry Owen Group, Runcorn Carmart, Rybrook Holdings Ltd, Ryders Group, S A & V Harpur, S B (Helston) Ltd, S B Motors, S D M Group, S D M Group, S E R E Ltd, S E R E Ltd, S G Barnes, S G Barnes, S G Cook, S G Garge Ltd, S G Petch Group, S G Smith, S G Smith Group, S G T Ltd, S L M Group, S M C Group, S V C Enterprises Ltd, Sandicliffe, Sandicliffe Motor Group, John Martin Group, John Morris Motors, John Nike Group, John Parker & Son, John Pease Motor Group, John R Weir Group, John Roe Group, Johnson Group, Johnsons Cars Ltd, K A P Group, K T A Group, Ken Brown Motors, Ken Jervis Ltd, Klic Cars Ltd, Knights Group, L & L Automotives, L H T Group, L J Irvine & Son Ltd, L M L Group, Lakeside Group, Lance Owen Group, Latham Group, Leslie Car Sales Ltd, Leslie H Trainer, Leslie Service Stations, Lifestyle Ford Europe, Lifestyle Group, Lincoln Co Operative, Lindop Bros, Lindsay Cars, Lindsay Group, Lindvale Group, Lipscomb Cars Ltd, Listers, Lloyds Motor Group, Lloyds of Carlisle, Loders Plc, Lomand Motors, Lomond Motors, London Retail Group, Longley Park Motors Ltd, Lookers Plc, Lythgoe Motor Group Ltd, Lythgoe Motor Holdings Ltd, M C L Group, M K Automobiles Ltd, M K G Group, M M Bellinger & Sons, M R Kings & Sons Ltd, M53 Motors Ltd, Maclean & Appleton, Macrae & Dick, Magna Motor Company, Maldon Quest Motor Group, Mantles Group, Mark Mitchell Group, Marlborough (Isleworth) Lt, Marriot Motor Group, Marsh Group, Marshall Motor Group, Martins Group, Masters Group, Masters Of Beckenham, Maugers Garage Ltd, Mc Lean & Appleton, Meadens Motor Group, Medway Autos Ltd, Menzies Motors Ltd, Meridan Motor Group, Sandown Motor Holdings, Saunders Abbott, Scotthall Group, Seafield Motors Ltd, Seward Motor Group, Sherwoods Ltd, Shields Motor Group, Sidlow Group, Silver Street Group, Sinclair Group, Sinclair Motor Holdings, Slaters Group, Smith Knight Fay Ltd, Smiths Group, Snows Motor Group, Solent Motor Group, Sorensons Motors Ltd, Soul Motor Group, South Hereford Garages, Southern County Cars, Southgate Group, Southwest, Sparshatts Group, Specialist Cars Ltd, Spire Automotive Group, Spire Automotives, Spirit Group, Spirit Motor Holdings Ltd, Sportif Group, Spot Motor Group, Springfield Motor Group, Squire Furneaux Group, St Leonards Motors Group, Stan Palmer Ltd, Startin Group, Stephen James Group, Sterling Motor Group, Steven Eagell Group, Stoneacre Motor Group, Stratton Motor Company, Struan Motors, Sturgess Group, Summit Auto Group, Summit Motor Group, Sunningdale Carriage Compa, Sunwin Motor Group, Sutton Park Motor Company, Swain & Jones Group Holdin, Swansway Garages, Sycamore Ltd, Sytner Group, T C Harrison Group, T H White Ltd, T J Vickers & Sons Ltd, T P Topping & Co, T W White & Sons Ltd, Tanner Automotive Group, Tates Group, Taunton Motor Co Ltd, Taylors Motor Group, Thames Motor Group, The Verve Group, The Vincent Group, The Wayside Group, Theoco Group, Thomas Day Motors Ltd.......and MANY MORE!

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