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Five Quick Bullet Points:

1) You can only UPGRADE or interchange genuine CARSTAGES car display ramps. Ours are 90% of the market

2) We designed the initial UK SeeSaw car display in 1996 with a 10 year copyright.

So, we are the ONLY UK company who can claim 14 years experience, safety record and proven life guarantee against defect.

3) We will beat the price of any safe or similar copy!

Just call 01205 760016 or email with any quote!

4) If you would like our view on any particular copy - call 01205 760016 or email


Simple, they build a safe copy to similar quality construction, we will beat the price.

You get units compatible & interchangeable with 90% of the market and your dealer network!


Here are some people having issues with cheaper units Here

Here is a photo of a poorly made copy. Photo.
Here are TWO press stories concerning copies - Press1 & Press2
Here is some information concerning Nut & Bolt Fixings


Our history proves safety is our number one priority.

In today's world of 'No Win No Fee Lawyers' you can't afford to be involved with claims of negligence. Falling foul of local authorities health & safety inspections or ‘the safety at work act' can be a serious matter carrying high penalties, even prison. Each 'employer' is personally responsible to ensure vehicle lifting equipment holds the relevant safety certification provided by original manufacturer.

After 14 years with 6,000 now being used, not a single lifetime guarantee GENUINE CarStages has ever failed!

We have thousands of car display ramps at dealerships in Europe, the UK and Ireland. It is illegal for Ford to copy the look of a BMW or Marks & Spencer to copy a dress from Christian Dior. In all cases of design infringement we will continue to protect years of development and investment by pursuing through the courts those who seek to harm our reputation. Either by manufacturing or assisting others to manufacture any copyright product.

Click here to see some proven copyright cases: Case 1 & Case 2. Many other are on the Internet.

It is not uncommon to find our seesaw units on Ebay as they retain a good resale value. However, as a hire company it is possible that such units could be stolen if not being legally manufactured. From a tax point of view, a purchase without a receipt may not be economical for your company. If you see an Ebay sale, we will be happy to confirm if the unit is genuine.

For health & safety notifications, loss or theft we track the locations of all units. If you suspect a unit of being stolen, please contact our recovery section on 01205 760016.