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Just a few insurance deals our specialist insurer can offer.

Safe Crack

Ideal for launch nights, sales promotions and all special events, the safe crack is one to try. It's simple. WorldWide Hole 'n One will deliver your own digital safe for the event and if anyone types in the right number and the safe opens, they win the major prize you have insured. 10,000 prize, 1000 attempts = 204.75 + 200.00 Safe Hire for 1 day

Instant "Finance - Dice Roll for a New Car

Promote the dealership is giving consumers a chance to win FREE "Instant Financing" on a new car. Invite potential customers to visit the dealership for a weekend sale or other event. Every customer to join the dealership will be provided with (7) customised dice. Five sides will be printed with the dealership logo. One side of each die will be printed with a letter to spell the word: F-I-N-A-N-C-E. Every customer gets to roll the dice. If anyone rolls "FINANCE," then they get "FREE Instant Financing" and win a brand new car from your dealership! 10,000 prize, 500 attempts = 236.25 Branded Dice = 75.00

Six of the best Offer a prize of a new car.

List 12 selling points about the car. Then let entrants try to match the top six features, in order, pre -selected by WorldWide Hole 'n One. If they can, they win the car. Plus you get the fantastic feedback on your product from the entries. 10,000 prize, 1000 attempts = 267.75

The Price is Right to Buy a New Car - Guess the Value

Just like the 'Price is Right', contestants line up and try to guess the exact price of a selected vehicle to the Pound or Penny. The dealership will provide each finalist with a winning number range. If any of the finalists guess the exact value correctly - then the price is right and they win a new car! 10,000 prize, 500 attempts = 315.00

Car Boot Sale - Money Bag Pick

Here's a great way to push the amount of new or used cars at the dealership. Promote that the dealership is having a car boot sale. Select finalists and invite them to join the dealership for a weekend sales event or select finalists at a launch night. At the event line up (100) cars and place one moneybag in each car boot. (Or pick one vehicle and fill it with 100 moneybags.) Let the contestants select the car of their choice, pop the boot, and grab their moneybag. Every moneybag will have a prize certificate. One grand prize moneybag has a certificate marked FREE CAR. If they select the lucky moneybag - they win a free car! 10,000 prize, 1 attempt, 100 bags = 630.00 200 bags = 315.00

"Calling All Cars" - Lucky Phone Number Guess

Here's a great way to promote the dealership AND tie-in a cellular service provider. Promote that the dealership has pre-installed a vehicle with a cellular phone. Consumers have a chance to win the car WITH one year of free cellular service from your cellular sponsor. Each finalist will be provided a poster with 7 boxes for digits. Fill-in the first three boxes with a common exchange for the cellular provider. Each of the finalists attempts to guess the remaining (4) digits of the pre-installed phone number. If any finalist can "Call" the winning phone number - they win the car and free cellular service for a year! Licensed to Win - Car Registration Guess Promote that customers can have the chance to be "Licensed to Win" a brand new vehicle at the car dealership. Everyone who visits the dealer's showroom will get to attempt to match the pre-determined license plate of the vehicle. If any consumer has an exact match - they are "Licensed to Win" and win the vehicle for free. We will even tell them the prefix e.g. 'T' plates. All contestants have to do is guess the next three numbers and three letters. 10,000 prize, 1000 attempts = 236.25

Golf Putt for a Car!

Set up a register to win display in the dealership and direct customers to register to win. Every customer gets to fill out his or her name, address, phone and favourite golf course. Randomly select (x) finalists from the entries. Contact the finalists and invite them to join the dealership for a grand final event and invite the local press or radio station to cover it. Set up a putting green and allow each finalist to attempt a shot from 60 feet. If any finalist sinks their putt - they win a brand new car! Runner-up Prize Idea: Provide each finalist with 18 holes at their favourite golf course and a sleeve of golf balls. Tie in an area golf shop to sponsor the event. Award the finalist with the best putt attempt a "putter" or "driver" from a local golf shop. Contest Option: Host a live broadcast event and run an elimination contest. Every customer attempts putts from 5, 10 and 15 feet. The best putter gets to attempt the 60-foot putt to win the car. 10,000 prize, 1 attempt = 315.00 Green Hire = 50.00

Frisbee Toss for Free Wheels

Set up a vehicle on the car lot of the dealership. Roll the driver's window all the way down. Roll the passenger's window halfway down. Pre-select your finalists or randomly select them from the crowd at your event. (Since this promotion requires skill - you could require a purchase or simply have anyone who test-drives a car gets a chance.) Contestants line up from 120 feet away and attempt to throw a Frisbee through both windows on the fly. If anyone throws the Frisbee through both windows - they win the car! Lots of Lines, But No Waiting! Here's the perfect way to promote all the lines of vehicles available at the dealer's showroom - new or used. Run commercials promoting the dealer has lots of lines, but no waiting. Highlight the different lines of vehicles available at the dealership. Instruct listeners to decide on their favourite vehicle - because they'll have the chance to win it. Select finalists and bring them to the showroom. Each finalist will receive an official "Lots of Lines, No Waiting" entry form. After "kicking the tires" on (7) different featured vehicles the finalists will create a list of their favourites from 1 to 7. If any of the finalists' lists match the pre-determined winning list in exact order - they win all seven cars!

Car Full of Golf Balls - Guess the Lucky Number

Set up a new or used vehicle on the showroom floor of the dealership and fill it with any item of your choice - balloons, golf balls, dollar bills, or any other item. Instruct customers to visit the dealership to enter their guess in the contest - every customer can enter. Randomly select finalists from all the entries and invite them to an event at the dealership. We will reveal the actual winning number. If any finalist has guessed the exact number correctly - they win the car!

Hole-In-One Golf Tournament

Whether hosting your station's, a client or listener golf tournament, or tying the dealership into a local tournament event - make sure to include "Hole-In-One" golf insurance. If any of the players in the tournament hit a hole-in-one on the selected hole - they win a brand new car from your dealership. We also provide ancillary prizes for other hole-in-ones and a complete tournament sign package.