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For years we have been building unique launch effects for the car industry. Our aim is to bring a taste of the London Motor Show to your showroom. If we have not got a particular effect ...... we will build it !

A few examples follow:

Shipping Crate Launch

If you saw the Jaguar XK8 launch in Geneva you will have a vision of this effect. Now adapted to be used in a car showroom measuring 2.8m wide x 15.6m long x 2.1m high. This effect is only slightly larger than a family car. It is our most compact effect suited to the smallest of showrooms.

Built-up on site by a specialist team the effect surrounds the vehicle and resembles a stamped and sealed traditional style shipping crate. The effect is surrounded by barriers before being wired with small indoor pyrotechnics placed to explode the crate apart.

The launch starts with specially recorded music with extracts from famous speeches. Plus, thunder, lighting and strobes before a countdown to the finale. As the crate explodes the car rises into the air through fog music and lights.

This effect last approximately 5 minutes and concludes with the car in a raised position illuminated by 2,000watts of floodlights.

Light Show Launch

Built on site by our own technicians Astralite exhibition trussing surrounds one, two or three cars. A minimum height of 2.4m is required before 15 high power intelligent lighting units are mounted on the frame. Once the wiring is complete the whole structure is surrounded in white silk.

Each light unit has been individually pre-programmed by Pulsar Lighting 1999 world concert champion light programmer. This guy has worked for Michael Jackson.

The effect starts with special recordings when lights and patterns follow the music to pin point accuracy while colours change on the white silk curtains that surround the cars.

After an audience assisted countdown, explosive pyrotechnics drop the curtain to reveal a perfectly co-ordinated sound and light show. The 5 minute show concludes with final explosions and the launch cars lit in white light.

As an addition, one or more vehicles can be raised into the air.

NOTE: Our thanks to Pulsars 1999 world champion concert light programmer Mr Chris Shead for spending days at our warehouse programming this show.

Video Wall Drive Through

Suited to most dealers who have a manufacturers video or a DVD to show.

A massive collapsible video screen is built into your showroom doors. The cars are driven through the screen at the end of your promotional video.

When possible our camera crew will mix a video of the car approaching the dealership from the main road outside!

Helicopter Launch (illusion)

This effect may require a pre showroom inspection. The effect consist of a hidden crane, special helicopter recordings, a powerful wind machine, skylights and a landing crew. We may need to part curtain your showroom windows to ensure a complete illusion.

The effect starts with an announcement that the car is on it's way by helicopter.  Customers hear various pilot radio communication over a specially placed surround sound system during the build up to arrival.

On your forecourt search lights shine into the sky and flares are lit as the sound of a helicopter draws near. The sound of rotors and extreme gust of rotor wind all helps to create the illusion of a helicopter above.

The car is suspended on a steel cable within a special net. Then, the this car comes into view of customers who remain protected in the showroom.

Finally, the vehicle is lowered to the floor, all nets are removed and the car drives into the showroom to a rapturous applause.

Helicopter Launch (Real)

Hard to believe and very expensive. Especially when paying for flight time by the minute!

But, we have done this on a couple of occasions over the years. We now own the required lifting equipment and have all the contacts to complete this effect.

The question is: Can you afford the ultimate car arrival?

Balloon Launch

A simple and effective idea to completely engulf a car in balloons. At a given time customers are ask to surround the car. After a brief countdown they are given the instruction to burst all the balloons thus revealing the car.

Additional elements can involve finding money and prizes within the balloons. Or, the dealer can agree a fee to charity which diminishes as the seconds tick by to the last burst balloon.

Laser Light Launch

True laser show set to music of your choice. Normally surrounded by an aluminium space trussing then surrounded by white silk curtain. Or, can be set on stage in the middle of the showroom with a overhead cover. When the lights go down and the music goes up, a flash of pyrotechnics reveal the car to a laser display that fills the showroom.

A true laser light spectacular show.

Magician Wizard Illusion Show Launch

This is a show and a car launch in one. To create this effect we team up with the one of our best known acts. The world renowned illusionist Mark Oberan The Wizard.

Using the cover of darkness, pyrotechnics and ultraviolet effects the car appears on stage as if by magic at the end of The Wizards show.

This effect requires the ability to throw your showroom into total darkness with our all round black drape service.

Twin Video Screen launch

A cost effective way to launch the new car. Entails 6ft video screens each side of the main stage with cars situated beneath.

Both cars are covered in silver space foil or our usual car covers. Your audience watch the manufacturers launch video before the cars are either revealed or driven out from beneath the screens.

Dealership Opening With A Wall Plaque

We like to do these official openings with more than just the pulled curtain cord.

After a brief speech the audience countdown and at the press of a button lottery style pyrotechnics explode to reveal the plaque. You or we can arrange the plaque.

Don't look for a price because we don't even charge for this.

Car Stages

Using our copyright drive up car stages, space foil and a choice of surround decor from flowers to silk surrounds. We can display and reveal up to four cars at once from four corners of your showroom.

Car stages are available on hire or buy.

Car Turntables

A moving car turntable adds 360 degree vision to any car. Either illuminated on stage or at ground level.

Car turntables are available to hire or buy