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Drive Up Display Ramps Picture  

Copyright Product


Click here to visit the dedicated web site - with live video!

A well proven copyright design that's manufactured in the UK only by Showroom Events & Promotions.

Now owned by 1 in 3 franchise dealers.

Add a skirt, it's a stage. Use anywhere, no power required!

Each frame is independent making the unit light to transport to shows, shopping centres and into the showroom for launch evenings.

Fully bright steel galvanised with 5 years guarantee. Hundreds of uses over many years for an indestructible display unit.

Envelope Inserting Machine Picture  


The only problem when being very proactive on direct mail marketing is finding the staff to envelope everything. It's a poor use of professional staff.

Imagine being able to automatically envelope up to 3 different items into 2,800 envelopes per hour automatically. Even inserting cards and sealing the envelopes.

Together with our databases and franking machines you will soon have bitten off more customers ......Than you can chew!


Prospecting Data Sheet Picture

Prospect Data Sheet Picture



By staging more dealer events than any other company (or manufacturer) and actually being on site to see our results, we have unique 'seeing' experience that no other data supplier can offer.

Failing to source proven data from an independent and unbiased source can have serious cost implications. Not only for the data but, for your whole promotion.

A Skylight In Action  


Skylights are the ultimate awareness purchase. According to weather conditions a skylight can been seen miles away. No licences or planning consents are required.

Knowing which one to buy can only come with experience. We have purchased and used many types.


LCD Projectors Picture



Often used for home cinema, boardroom presentations and events.

LCD projectors are sold using the misleading American specification of 'Light Lumens'. Higher prices for higher Lumens.

This measurement is confusing. But, our regular use of such equipment will ensure our own clients get good honest value.

Together with our guarantee to beat other supplier prices, you would be foolish to take chances with your purchase.

LCD 42inch Diplay Screen Picture  


The ultimate in waiting area technology.

Whether you wish to show the interior of a car, local TV stations, advertising or promotional video. Your customers (or your family at home) will love this flat screen wall mountable technology.

We use these daily and can undercut almost any supplier by hundreds of pounds.

Under Car Turntable Picture  

CAR TURNTABLE (get pdf brochure)

Being able to show 360 degrees of any car is an advantage. The movement alone will attract attention to any vehicle.

Dismantles to fit in any small van and able to operate on both 240v and 12v power. These units are ideal for outdoor shows and displays as well as the showroom.

These units are British made. Meaning spare parts are readily available