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We hope these photo's portray the success of our events.

Please click any picture if you wish to enlarge.

After a tour of Ford dealership sites spread over the UK to launch Britain's biggest selling car the Ford Fiesta. At Birchwood Ford on the south coast we saw almost 500 people attend the launch. Flamboyant Manager Damien Murphy posses with Stars In Their Eyes Diana Ross for a photo in front of the launch effect.

Camera Crew

Our paparazzi camera crew interviewing (and collecting data) from the Honda's UK sales director. Pictures are beamed to the inside of the dealership onto 8ft video screens. The quickest, most efficient and spontaneous way to register customers.

Fashion Show

Marshall Toyota Peterborough.  Fashion show in full swing with 500 people attending.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire stage set ready. This was a small Subaru dealership with over 450 people attending the evening.  Product questions are mixed with general knowledge questions. Prizes are donated by service department, parts counter and even local businesses.

Jaguar XK8 Launch With Tom

Jaguar XK8 at HR Owen. Just shows how long the best Tom Jones Look-Alike has been working with us. He has appeared in 2 TV films as Tom Jones.

DP and Models

Fashion Show models pose for a press photo together with the Dealer Principal.

The Lightshow

A crew member puts the final touches to the light show silk curtains and pyrotechnics. Note the car lifts up and down during this amazing laser type light show.

Mercedes Launch

Mercedes launch with over 280 local managing directors (plus partners) who attended. The database was taken from a well proven source supplied by Showroom Events.

Toyota Lightshow Launch

Hundreds see the new Toyota car raised into the air after watching a fascinating sound and light show sequenced to launch music.

Shipping Crate Launch

Shipping crate. Set with pyrotechnics and ready for an explosive launch evening.

Reanault Ballooned

Renault Clio awaiting the final few balloons for a charity event.

New Site Opening

One of hundreds of packed new dealership openings

Alfa Romeo laser launch

Launch on a raised platform in a blaze of laser light and sound.

Quest Motors

An event at Quest Motors family run business attracted a response of almost 2,000 from our invitation design. On the evening almost 1,200 were permitted to attend and the rest were invited to attend an open weekend. The picture shows the family and some of the invited guest..

Virtual Drive Set Up

On occasion we are able to offer single hire items suited to complement events being staged by the dealer. An example is our virtual driver.

We cover the steering wheel of the launch car with a second steering wheel and place a 6ft screen at the front of the car. Using a video projector and a special enclosure, the driver can race your launch car around a race track. One advantage is that all sound effects can be contained within the car so as not to distract sales staff trying to do business.