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We provide many types of dealership events. A telephone conversation is the best way to receive a bespoke proposal. But, before studying prices we hope you read our price guarantee.

We have attempted to provide quotations to complete yourself. These prices were effective at the time of publication only.

A) Click here for a DIY proposal containing detailed information on every item.

You can print, photocopy for a meeting, calculate and fax to us for availability. As part of our price guarantee each item has an associated information paragraph. The text can be copied and faxed to other suppliers ensuring like for like price comparisons.

B) Click here for a web based proposal (not as detailed)

This price list will actively calculate your event cost as you tick the boxes. You should even be able to save this 'active event calculator' to your desktop.

Simply keep ticking ......... until the total matches your budget!


The guarantee includes everything when part of a total event.

Unlike most, we own rather than hire equipment. The advantage is that our crews stay familiar with each show and it's technical equipment. Crews often work 16 hour days with travel. Then double as set builders and operators during the evening.

This keeps show co-ordination to a maximum and your cost to a minimum.

By printing full colour invitations daily, cost are further reduced. We share print runs with other dealers and pass on the savings. Proven designs are already on our computer systems and ready to go.

Our turnkey operation for the franchise industry means no company or manufacturer can produce our results, respond as quickly, or match our prices.

So, why go anywhere else?

Feel free to calculate your own cost but, please remember this is just one example and some of the prices are only possible as part of a complete event.

Click here to see a sample printable DIY proposal.

Click here for a web based proposal