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HONDA Cornes & Meadow House Hospice Hounslow & Speithorne

Dear Danny and all friends at Cornes Motors and Honda,

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening on Thursday 14th October, and for your splendid donation of £211.50 for Meadow House Hospice. I will reply separately when the additional money comes as promised.

The team really enjoyed the evening, and especially your very kind comments about our work at the hospice, it was very much appreciated. The money raised will go towards continual funding of the Day Care Centre which is now in its second year and proving so beneficial to both patients and relatives.

Do say a very big thank you to everybody involved, especially the staff at Cornes who obviously worked so hard to make the evening such a success. Thank you too for your special interest.

Yours sincerely

M A Brennan (Mrs) MBE

Patient Service Manager