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CITROEN Low Mileage Centre (Alton) Ltd

Dear Danny

I write concerning your request for a reference.

We first approached your company on 20th September this year concerning our new Citroen franchise opening and the launch of the Citroen Xsara.

Your 'Diana Ross' and 'Tom Jones' impersonators did a marvellous job. Interacting with the audience I must say they looked and sounded as good as the real thing. Added to this the video screens added a tremendous impact enabling a close up view from all areas of the showroom and workshop.

We were also quite amazed at the specialist illusion act 'The Wizard'. He managed to draw everybody out to inspect our workshop during his superb performance.

The horse racing on the big screen video raised quite a lot of money for 'Princess Diana's Memorial Fund' and this has now been passed on. The Skylight could be seen for miles and the fireworks finished oft a perfectly co-ordinated night that has truly made an impression on our new customers.

We were all very impressed with the way in which you handled the evenings schedule and the fact that you worked at promoting 'the dealer & staff' during the evening did not go un-noticed by our team.

Finally, the sales leads from the invites are proving to be very beneficial to our new dealership and we are still trying to get through them all.

Thanks again

Kind Regard

Roger Powell

Managing Director