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CITROEN Appleyard Wood Green

Dear Danny

As a Dealer Principal of the above, I felt I should write personally to congratulate you on such a superb event at our Wood Green site.

Without a doubt, this is 'by far' the best event I have ever seen staged at any

showroom. Your ideas are certainly fresh and I know both the audience and staff had a superb night out. The light-show and the illusion show were absolutely stunning. As for the robots I never knew such things even existed.

Your commentary kept everybody well informed about the event and the product. Added to this you managed to keep the audience on the edge of excitement all evening. As I am sure you are aware the end of evening firework display received a huge round of applause and was, 'as you suggested', the perfect way to end a superb evening.

Finally, if you require any personal recommendations I would be more than willing to oblige.

Thanks again

Yours faithfully

James Ayling

General Manager