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DAIHATSU Derek Warwick (Bournemouth) Ltd Poole

Dear Danny

Thank you for putting on such a great show at our Poole premises last week.

The sales staff are all very busy following up the leads from invitations your company produced. In fact these were far in excess of anything we have experienced in the past when holding a launch.

The approximate results taken from your invitations were:

220 people attended the evening

53 people currently in the market to change cars

72 people interested in a test drive

34 interested in finance

27 interested in px quotation

The show and the new holiday offers were very well received by both staff and customers. This has resulted in a very positive few weeks for both sales and the workshop whilst raising the profile of Derek Warwick Daihatsu in and around the Poole area.

Finally, please thank the Diana Ross singer and your own staff for all the hard work they put in. We most certainly would recommend your services and hope to see you again soon.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Williams

General Manager