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HONDA Johnsons Milton Keynes,

I should have written before but I have obviously been pre-occupied with the managing of our new Honda site opened.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the event you managed for our Civic & site launch on 6th December, last year. The evening was enjoyed by guests and staff alike.

It was extremely cost effective in terms of time and money, plus we were able to raise a £xxxx for our local Willen Hospice giving us also further exposure in the press. We had an attendance of 411 on the night and collected a large number of test drive appointments.

The whole evening was timed to perfection with a smooth progression from one item to another which peaked with an outstanding performance from the entertainment artist. This lady, emulating Miss Diana Ross, could have so easily been the genuine article. Then rounded off with a stunning fireworks display.

Our thanks to you Danny and all the crew, who’s organisation and inputs were greatly appreciated.

Darren Cook

Dealer Principal