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HONDA Ryland Cardiff

Dear Dear Danny,

I would like to thank both you and your team for taking care of our recent launch evening in such a successful and professional manner.

The evening was outstanding. This was clearly indicated in the attendance figures and sales leads which your company obtained from a refined invitation process. More importantly, with such an experienced company looking after every aspect, the event ran to clinical perfection. This in turn makes the dealership look totally professional to our customers.

Your company offered exceptional value. Especially when one considers the amount of equipment and staff which was required. When we compared, individual prices within your total package it was certainly much more economic than splintering our requirements.

The response to your invitation designs together with the gearing you put in place to ensure collation of sales leads was absolutely amazing.

Your company certainly have this process off to a tee. As a result, a sixteen car showroom was filled to capacity with prospects. Not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. Added to this, so may of those who were unable to attend still returned their completed invitations to indicate their interest in a test drive. Again, due to tactics you employ.

An estimate of the number of test drives requested on cards were xxx. The number of test drives actually booked to date are xxx. This number is still rising.

So, from all of us here in Cardiff, a big thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Evans

Dealer Principal