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HONDA Johnsons Wheatley

Dear Mr Lee

I am happy to send this reference for your records to go along side the additional references from the other two Johnsons Honda sites. This site is the older of the three and had itís own previous database to use to invite Honda customers.

On all three events your company arranged everything prior and during, leaving us to enjoy the evening at this dealership in Wheatley, the Tom Jones tribute show along with our customers. The entertainment staged was a fitting tribute to the star he represented. The Charity Horse Racing brought a ripple of excitement and benefitted the Sir Michael Sobell Hospice whom received £689 from the proceeds and this was gratefully received.

I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you organised these events on Johnsons behalf. All in all, a very successful night for which I thank you once again.

Richard Lodge

Sales Manager

ps. You maybe interested to know the results.

Attendance figures 243 Test drives 68