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ROVER CD Bramall Stoke On Trent

Dear Danny.

Just a brief note to say thank you for the wonderful show you and your team produced for the Rover 75 launch last year.

Your staff worked tirelessly to bring a night to remember for those who attended. A lot of our customers commented on the evening, saying the launch was one of the best they had seen and a pleasant change from the ‘Wine and Cheese events!

We had doubts about the fact you did not visit the dealership before the launch and when you arrived at 1230 pm, we thought we would not be ready in time. Within minutes, however, you and your staff had a clear picture of the job required and completed the transformation with time to spare.

We now know that enquiries taken on the launch night have resulted in orders received. Some were expected, but others were brought about by the success of the launch event.

Thank you again for a superb evening and we look forward to dealing with your company in the future.

Yours sincerely

David Armstrong

Business development executive