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VOLVO Ray Chapman Motors Malton

Dear Daniel

Sorry its taken a while to come beck to your company. Your idea of a Swedish style Abba evening to the launch of the new Volvo S60 generated so many leads we have hardly had a moment over the last few months.

We were all quite amazed to see you crew all at work providing a polished and enticing event and all at such an affordable price.

The systems your design team put into place on invitation design, certainly did pay off in sales leads generated. We had a pile of 244 cards returned each bringing on average 2/3 people within the party and with 107 who expressed an interest.

On the evening we had a full house of 529 people who attended.

Your advice on screen, heating and car display within our used car canopy was much appreciated, and ended up at the fraction of the cost of a marquee.

By the time the canopy was enclosed, the lighting erected, and the stall and car display complete all we needed was people. The whole place during the evening looked just like a marquee and at half the cost.

In conclusion please express my appreciation to all your behind the scenes staff and those on site for the packed and entertaining dealership event we have ever had.

Yours sincerely

Duncan Chapman