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LAND ROVER Barretts Canterbury

Dear Danny

Just a short line to confirm how pleased I was with your involvement towards our dealership launch evening last Wednesday.

Obviously there was a great deal of pressure on the team here at Barrett Land Rover to ensure the event was a success and I was delighted with the positive reaction I received both during and after the evening. Customer attendance was, frankly, exceptional.

So often, in my experience, the event business comes up with wonderful ideas but fail to deliver on the night. Showroom Events and Promotions were available from the initial point of contact with excellent advice and support (based obviously on years of proven event management) and, I must say, it worked.

Our final response equated to an acceptance rate of 22.3% and a total reply rate of over 33%. We are now in the process of following up all the leads generated for test drives and no-obligation quotes which amounted to 40% of all replies. We have also converted two cold enquiries to sold orders from the evening already. All in all a very encouraging situation.

Please pass on my thanks to Chris and Carl and 'Diana' for their contribution. They were all very professional and helpful.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely

Andrew Thrush

Dealer Principal