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SKODA Hayseldon Skoda Doncaster

Dear Danny,

What can we say about such a exceptional new dealership launch last week.

Although many other Skoda dealers, Rob Tracey and Dermont Kelly have all experienced your companies amazing results on many occasions in the past, we were still naturally sceptical of so many new ideas. Especially as we did not have an existing database of Skoda clientele.

Your events team set up and handled every aspect on the evening and our customers and staff did not have a moment of boredom. The result being over fifty sales leads, and attendance of nearly 300 people and over £1,000 raised for our local hospice

We have already a number of cars and the feed back from the event has been nothing other than praise that will increase upon this. I am positive the event has put us firmly on the road to a long lasting relationship with all those whom attended.

Those who were unable to attend have at least been made aware of our new site and has therefore been a good PR exercise.

Your continued effort to help with maximum media publicity & various business databases has not gone un-noticed. I am sure we will be using you again in the near future.

In the meantime, if you require any personal references I would be more than pleased to speak to any of your own prospects who care to contact me.

Thanks again from all of us at Hayselden Skoda

Yours sincerely,

John Taylor

Dealer Principal