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Dear John & Ann

Many thanks for stepping in at such short notice at our annual Christmas team meeting. Annís performance was tremendous, everybody has been so complimentary and I donít think this evening will ever be forgotten.

One of our training consultants, was, unbeknown to us, a Diana Ross fan, it has made his year, I couldnít stop him at the bar later, he was so enthusiastic. He said Annís voice was so good that if he had closed his eyes, he would have been convinced she was real. That may say the looks were wrong, you couldnít be further from the truth Annís only problem was age, but for all of us it was like being transported back in time WE WERE THERE, WE DID SEE DIANA ROSS she was fantastic.

Nothing more to say, I shall be looking out, because Iím sure I wonít be long before Annís famous, can I reserve my seat now?

Hope you both have a great Christmas and once again thanks for making our night and year.

Yours sincerely

David M. Fisher MIMI

Market Development Manager