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FIAT Desira Bury St Edmunds

Dear Danny

What can I say to thank you for such a fantastic Lead Generation Evening. Both the invitations and the format of the event produced so many hot leads (yet again) that we are all working flat out making appointments for days. The futuristic launch with accompanying explosions will stay in our customers minds for many months.

From counting the RSVPs it would seem well over 400 people attended. Between them they raised £370 for charity. Plus that additional £50 specifically for the hospice. A great achievement from your department within a 30 minute time frame.

The ad-lib commentary and promotion you gave the product, the workshop, the parts dept., the body shop the technicians and the sales staff did not go un-noticed during the evening. In fact you held the event together until the last moment. Your advice to get sales staff walking around with bottles of' wine all night certainly paid off. They introduced themselves to almost every single customer attending and this created a great friendly atmosphere. Plus it forced them to mix.

In fact, the whole way in which your system works means we had very little to do other than enjoy the show with our customers. This was mainly due to your invitation process producing a huge list of sales leads ready to follow up. As you said, we are now giving each client individual personalised attention.

Finally, I would be more than pleased to inform other Fiat dealers that your pre-inspection of sites is unnecessary as your experience make this an expense they can do without.

Thanks again Danny,

Sam Desira

Dealer Principal