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FIAT  San Siro Welling

Dear Danny

As promised I write to thank you for such a great Lead Generation Event last week.

Without even seeing our small showroom your staff turned up and immediately knew how the layout would work. With very little disturbance you transformed the showroom into a purpose built venue that included staging and that amazing exploding packing crate which the car went into.

We had a fantastic response from the invitations you printed even though these only went out the week before. Your encouraging commentary on the microphone and the superb weather we had meant literally hundreds of prospects looked at used stock all evening. This alone turned into quite a few used sales. Then, when the launch happened and the crate exploded the audience gave a rapturous applause as the new Marea began to rise through the fog, the lighting and the music. Again, the encouragement your staff gave the public kept the hype going right up until the introduction of the Barry Manilow show.

I must say, none of us have ever seen so many people dancing and enjoying themselves so much at any other Dealer launch in the past. Believe me, we have seen many launches and this was most certainly the best any of us have seen.

In the past staff have dreaded these events. But, the results and the way in which your events take away the pressure to 'sell or test drive' on the evening, means we are all very much looking forward to the next open night with renewed enthusiasm. This means the event was both an investment in both staff moral and real profits. To top it all off the financial results were everything you promised. I confirm we had:

70 Test drive requests

29 People currently in the market to replace

26 Finance quotes

57 PX quotes

10 Local business people responding from data you supplied

If any other Dealer Principals would like confirmation of the above or confirmation that you did not  need to visit the site prior please ask them to call me personally.

Yours sincerely

Nick Young

Dealer Principal