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FIAT D. M. C. (East Anglia) Ltd Yarmouth

Dear Danny

We write to thank you for the fabulous evening of entertainment you put on at our two showrooms. These were the best open nights we have had. I am still talking to many customers who continue to comment on the wonderful night out they enjoyed.

Your personality, the tour of the workshops, and your knowledge of the trade were all very impressed. We were particularly surprised how well you took the lead in promoting our many products and services, whilst informing customers of events as they happened.

The response to our invitations far exceeded all our expectations. It appears that this was due to the strategy you suggested we adopt when promoting the evening and collecting the data. We are currently following up on the many registration questioners used upon entry. Response so far has been terrific. I fully expect to see some substantial publicity in the local media concerning the show.

Finally, I would be more than delighted to recommend your whole range of services to any dealers contacting us.

Yours Sincerely

Joe Desira