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Dear Danny

Just a brief note to say thank you and your team for dealing with yet another superb dealer launch for the Tates group.

Yet again we had a phenomenal response to your invitations with about 200 people attending the evening plus many more returning RSVP's. These gave so much valuable customer information required to make such events cost effective for the company. The show, the compere, the invitations were excellent, Your staff set everything up and looked after the evening in a most professional manner.

It is a rare to find a company who consistently comes up with the goods every time and I am sure both Showroom Events and Tates will have a long lasting relationship.

Finally, my staff are currently busy following up all sales leads which I am sure will take many weeks and I thank you for the holiday cheques to assist them I hope to see you all again at the next Tates promotion.

Kind regards

Tony Ashby

General Manager