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FORD Essex Ford Basildon

Dear Danny

I am writing to express my thanks for delivering such an effective Cabaret and Launch evening for our new super mini 'Ka' last Thursday.

When we first contacted you about this promotion, we were stepping on new ground.  I explained to you that I have always been very positive about holding such events and have managed these successfully in the past. This has, however, taken enormous internal effort within the company, with the resultant stress on valuable time. You promised to deliver an 'A to Z' service and we decided to empower you with full delegated responsibility.

The result has been outstanding and obviously the 'ball is in our court' to follow up on the enormously valuable prospecting data that you have provided. The fact that you organised everything from the guest list/invitations through to the catering, cabaret and the 'Ka' reveal, is unique in my experience. The RSVP response relative to the number of invitations sent out, was the best that I can remember for such an event. We targeted to get 300 people through on the night and that is what we got.

The professional method in which your team went about setting up the showroom, turning it into a Nightclub atmosphere, was very slick and we appreciated the minimum disruption to our normal activities. The recommendations that you made about the cabaret and the form of the evening, we fully accepted and were delighted with the end product. We agreed that we took certain risks with 'Act 1 ', but this did work in the context of the audience profile. The 'Tom Jones' experience, gripped the audience and put them in the right mood for the reveal of the Ka.

The actual reveal sequence was very effective and the light and sound effects transfixed the audience. The idea of the 'on the night' prize draw for the Mini Cruise, was also attention gripping and ensured our audience stayed the full distance. You know I was slightly nervous about the firework display, but I need not have worried because this was carried out very successfully and gave the perfect finale to the evening.

In summary, an extremely successful experiment for us, which we will want to repeat on a more regular basis. I will want to talk to you about another event in the Spring of '97, when we have the new Explorer and Sports Coupe to launch. We may want to do other events, which are not related to the launch of a new product, but could involve other promotional opportunities.

You are aware that I was formally Chairman of the Thames Area Ford Dealer Advertising Association. I will certainly be recommending your services to senior management within Ford Motor Company and the dealer body. I have spoken to Alan Day, the General Manager of Candor Motors in Colchester, who held a similar event, through yourselves, two days earlier than ours. He was overwhelmed with the response that he received and the quality and volume of the prospecting information that his sales team were working on.

Lastly, I thought I would enclose, as further testimonial of the event, a letter received from a customer, which is self explanatory.

Thank you, once again, to you and your team and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Maskell


Customer letter follows:

Alloy Wheels International Kent

Dear Mr. Maskell,

I thought I would just write to congratulate you on a superb evening last Thursday at the launch of the new Ka.

It was very pleasant to be at such an evening in the UK. where there was a real touch of excitement and glamour which has sadly disappeared from the automotive industry recently.

Whilst writing I would say that I have been very pleased with your aftersales service and the considerable courtesy extended to me by Joanne Kennedy.

Yours sincerely


Divisional Sales Director