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FORD Candor Motors Colchester

Dear Danny

Thank you very, very much helping us to obtain such unbelievable results from your event.

I contacted you after reading an article in Sewells and can honestly say meeting your company through this  publications reports have resulted in the best investment we have ever made. This publication is certainly a 'must have' for any dealer to complete. Without reading about your past success, we would not have the results we now have. These were:

1. Persons attending event 491

2. Invites returned from non attendance's (This was a very good achievement as many still became leads) 159

3. Persons currently thinking of a replacement 207

4. Persons looking for test drives 238

5. Local business responding from addresses supplied by Showroom Promotions, (some managed small fleets) 119.

I also read in the Sewells article about the problems you have had when some franchises took over certain elements and still expected the same results. This seemed like hiring a pilot to fly your plane, then taking control at 30,000 feet. It was quite clear how passionate you are about 'justifiable results' . The latter being a word not found in the vocabulary of the local 'saturated' newspapers. It as for this reason we decided to 'leave it to you' As you know, we took the plunge from invitation printing to resulting sales leads.

To see one of the biggest Ford showrooms in the South East packed to the brim with prospects (including any new local company bosses) was an achievement beyond words.

The show and the launch were superb, the customers loved it, the encore for more went on and on. Your mix of commentary and knowledge about the vehicles and the trade was unbelievable. I could write a whole page and that would still not suffice. Please thank all your staff personally for me.

The resulting computer printouts containing information on well over 200 private and business prospects looking to replace cars there and then came back within 48 hours. Added to this there were test drives, finance quotes and PX quotations and much more to keep us all busy for months.

To assist you with the problem you say disheartens you, I will gladly reiterate to any other site managers "if you are thinking of taking over any part of the process - don't".

Thank you Danny Lee, thank you Sewells.

Yours sincerely

A P Day

General Manager