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FORD Essex Ford Basildon Focus Freinds

Dear Danny

Just to confirm my gratitude for another successful and professionally run event, You know that we had 150 hand-picked VIP guests present at the Focus Friends event at Stock Brook Manor, on the 14th October.

This included many business and community leaders and our local constituency MP Teresa Gorman. We have had significant positive feedback on the night and the format that we agreed meant that it was an action packed evening with many things building up to the reveal of the star attraction the Ford Focus.

I have attached copies of some of the testimonials received, for your personal records (but not for reproduction or publication) . We expect that the enhanced relationships, resulting from the evening will result in tangible business being written. I look forward to working with you again on another project, in the not too distant future.

Thanks, once again, for your personal enthusiasm and for the professionalism of the Showroom Events team.

Yours sincerely