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FORD Essex Basildon

Dear Danny,

Thank you for your letter of the 22nd April 1997 and I was pleased that your meeting with Tom Pallister went well.

I can also report that I was at a Sales and Marketing Panel meeting with Tom Pallister and the Sales Director of Ford, Paddy Byrne, a couple of weeks ago. Tom raised the potential of ‘event marketing’ and described your services to the Dealer Principals.

I believe that he will confirm to you that he has agreed a pilot with 4 dealers and no doubt he will confirm details to you direct-- no doubt this will lead on to the 10 dealer tour that you suggested in your letter. We certainly do not have a 100% date for the Puma launch, but when I am aware, I will speak to you, or your new friend Tom will !

By the way, the ramps that you kindly provided on loan have caused some comment and you are aware that we have affixed the ‘Specialist 4x4/Transit Specialist’ advertising board to them. Do you feel the need to send us an invoice, or are you prepared to leave them on ‘permanent’ loan?

I look forward to seeing you popping up on Satellite TV with the pilot dealers, in the near future.

Yours sincerely,