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HONDA Dragon Motor Company Leigh-on-Sea

Dear Danny,

I had to write and say what a fabulous Lead Generation Night you and your team put on at Dragon Honda last Tuesday evening.

I am so pleased we took your advice on dates to enable our sales team time to make calls before the test drive weekend. As large as our showroom may be it was full of prospects, 362 to be precise. The sales leads taken from the hundreds of invitation cards returned will keep us very busy for weeks. Your company has definitely got this lead creation process off to a fine art. The show was absolutely superb and every aspect executed with such professionalism. I am still receiving comments from customers who enjoyed the evening and, after following up the leads, I am sure that next months sales figures will cover the cost, and more. Most importantly the goodwill built up by meeting the customers on a regular basis like this is priceless. I am sure this will also pay long term dividends with referrals.

I promised to let you know how many 'test drive' and 'currently seeking' boxes were ticked. These were 96 interested in a test drive and 72 thinking of replacement. It was not a surprise in itself the fact that sales leads were still coming back by post 'after' the event. The data you supplied for local business people has also brought many new contacts in the local community.

I most certainly would advise any other site owner to test your services, as I feel that in the weeks following, this method of sales promotion will prove to be more cost effective than local media advertising and Showroom Promotions will indeed proved their worth. May I also say that it is a lot more fun, and the staff enjoyed it immensely.

Finally, I look forward to working with your team again, in the not too distant future.

Yours sincerely,

David Andrassy

Dealer Principal

P.S. The charity raised £ 561.00 on the night with two donations of £10.00 each coming in the following day. I enclose the letter from the Action Research Committee.