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HONDA Appleyard of Hove Portslade

Dear Mr Lee

I write concerning your fax request for a reference.  I must apologise for not writing sooner.

In fact the problem has been that we have been so busy with the sales leads your company created that I just haven't had any time spare. Added to this 'R' registrations are upon us and we seem even busier than ever. Even 2 months later we are still following up prospects created by the event.

When first contacting you we had read a few references from other Appleyard dealers. The results mentioned huge responses that I thought were beyond the realms of possibility. We were all very sceptical about spending that bit more to obtain a cost effectiveness.

My fears were totally unfounded. To say this was probably the most successful open night I have ever held would be an accurate description of the event. In fact, you dealt with everything. The entertainment, the bar service, the fireworks display, the robots, the invitations, the workshop tour, the workshop entertainment, the skylights, the prize draws and much more. It really was a complete service that has given us an incredible amount of exposure locally.

Not only did you deal with all aspects but you team put on a stunning event and packed the showroom with prospects. Added to this the invitations ensured sales leads arrived on my staffs desks even before the event had taken place. Your staff even obtained local business data and a freepost address for us.

In conclusion I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any other dealer and will most certainly contact you for another event in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Greenslade

Dealer Principal