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HONDA Marshall Peterborough

Dear Danny

I write to thank you for your input into our Honda launch.

When our Toyota franchise (who has used you on many occasions) told me that you supply an A to Z service, I never realised that we only had to post the invitations you would supply. In fact, we are still ploughing through all the people who expressed an interest in the new Accord from the amazing response we got back.

From producing a stunning full colour invitation (that filled our showroom) to lighting the fireworks display at the end of the night, everything went perfectly. Both the Neil Diamond show and the exploding shipping crate to launch the car was absolutely stunning.Your handling of the event meant my sales people were totally free to concentrate on our own speciality. This being the selling.

Finally, without any doubt, I would highly recommend your total service to any dealer in this, or any other group. Thanks again

Yours sincerely

Phil Lewin

Franchise Manager