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HONDA Cornes Motors Southall

Dear Danny

I refer to your request for a reference from the Cornes Group.

As you already know Showroom Events and Promotions have become a point of contact for most of Cornes Group dealership events. Your personal commitment to innovate, proven and cost effective dealership events is ‘in my experience’ unrivalled in the motor industry.

In line with most franchise dealers on the odd few days each year we are expected to promote and organise an on site event. It is totally unwise to allocate such a task to our sales or marketing executives who lack the experience required to make such events successful. Nor is it a cost effective use of their time.

The experience that Showroom Events have shown in both designing invitations and staging events is quite unique. This experience should not be underestimated by any Dealer Principal looking for a successful and cost effective promotion.

Even manufacturers could struggle to find staff with experience of ‘so many’ dealership promotions as Showroom Events.

It is for these reasons that we will continue to use your proven operation on the few occasions per year these are required.

Kind Regards

Peter J Minchin FIMI

Operations and Development Director