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KIA Ken Brown Motors Harlow

Dear Danny,

As you know this is the second time I have used your company (a good reference on its own) to help run an evening promotion for Kia Cars, but the event last Friday 31st July was your best effort to date.

My idea of giving away a car by playing a game of “True or False” was really the only input I gave to the competition. This was greatly appreciated with the 1st August being the next day (yes I know I was mad), I had so many other things to do.

The stage. sound and background music were first class. Our choice or should I say your choice of the Bootleg Beatles/Monkees/Queen show was excellent. I will carry the memory of 300 people on there feet shouting for an encore from Freddie and Queen until the end of time.

If you need me to speak to any of your future customers do not hesitate to pass my telephone number on as I would be happy to assist.

Credit where credits due your company and staff have yet again left us and our customers with the view that the third event cannot get better.That’s your challenge Danny!!

Kind Regards

Graham Peskett

Dealer Principal