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MAZDA Hayter Bros Brockenhurst

Dear Danny

Thank you for your kind letter of 4th July. We are flattered that you found the contribution our staff made to the evening so unusual. It just goes to show what you can begin to take for granted!

We were very pleased with the whole event. When I first received your faxed mail-shot, I found the claimed figures hard to believe. However, after taking up a few of your references, I began to realise that this may be the way to go. We were to celebrate our 70th Birthday as a family business, and the launch of the new Mazda 626 at the same time, and I wanted to do it in style.

From the outset, I was impressed by your enthusiasm and professionalism. It was simple to let you carry the load of providing business mailing lists, arranging freepost facilities to ensure replies came, arranging the event programme, marquees, even the additional loo's at short notice when we realised how many people would actually attend!

We mailed out 4000 invitations, 2000 to names you supplied, the rest from our own database. The RSVP's came back at quite a rate, and in total we received about 800, all giving details like MOT due dates, date due to change, contact phone numbers etc. Nearly 200 asked for Test Drives in the new 626 or other models from the Mazda range. Around 550 people said they would attend the event.

On a very wet and windy night, our party took place, and we reckon around 500 people actually attended - quite amazing - we could not believe our own eyes! The Barry Manilow Show went down very well, especially with one or two of the ladies and the Horse Racing for Barnardo's meant that even our local paper gave editorial space to the Press Releases we sent out! ( By the way, we raised just over £600.00)

All in all a very successful event, especially when you consider that our dealership is in a village with only 3,500 population, and nothing but trees for 4 miles in any direction! I will certainly consider using your services again, but what can we do next time to improve on that?

Please pass our thanks to all that were involved at all levels, and especially to that Chap Danny - the consummate Showman

Yours sincerely

Mark Phillips

Managing Director