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MAZDA Wadham Kenning Waterlooville

Dear Danny

Just a quick note to thank you for the superb event you put on at our Mazda dealership.

Never before have I come across a company that gives the franchise dealer such a full and complete service thus, guaranteeing the end result does not get lost in the process. We are having an amazing amount of success with the sales leads you provided us with in such a well presented manner.

We had a total of 90 test drive requests and 112 prospects marking they were 'currently' in the market for a car. The event produced more sales leads than any other event I can recall - even three weeks later we are still trying to plough through all the appointments! We have just had our best February result ever and 70% of our retail sales directly resulted from the event.

Finally, I would be more than pleased to talk with any Dealer Principals who are considering your services.

Yours sincerely

Ray Brewster

Franchise Manager