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MAZDA Garneys & Hill Ipswich

Dear Danny,

I write with reference to your request for a referral and I am more than happy to oblige.

As you now know, many dealers within the Mazda group were quite astonished at the results you produced on the recent "Lead Generation Event & Launch" evening. I confirm the results from the RSVPs returned were:

1)  A total of 506 prospects responded to the invitations sent out

2)  Approximately 300 attended the evening

3)  A total of 198 confirmed they were actively seeking to replace their car

4)  A total of 219 confirmed test drive requests

5)  A total of 34 asked for finance quotes

6)  A total of 126 people asked us to give them a P/X quote on their current car

I confirm well over 100 sheets of computer printed sales leads were on my desk within a couple of days and these contained details of all 506 respondents enquiries. Thank you, we are still working on them.

Some Dealer Principals may fail to recognise that you have become quite an expert at creating and collating the highest number of sales leads possible at these events. Even more interesting is the fact that leads are also collected from those "unable to attend" the promotion evening.

You obviously see what makes a prospect react to a promotion much better than most manufacturers who are living in a motor industry environment. Dealers using invitations supplied by the manufacture simply won't get the same results. We have found your service quite unique and of the highest quality. Once staff became aware that sales leads had been obtained before the event, they were able to relax with customers knowing they could make personal contact from your printouts.

Finally, please thank all your staff and be advised that we all look forward to using you for more "Lead Generation Events" in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Mike Adams

Joint Managing Director