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Dear Mr Lee,

I write concerning your company's input at the new Mercedes-Benz CLK launch on Wednesday 9th July.

I certainly would recommend your services to any other dealer who is holding either launch events or open nights. After receiving so many references myself, I took the time to speak personally with others who had used your company The reports were very favourable and this resulted in the booking we made.

The exploding shipping crate was one of the most innovative concepts I have ever seen at dealership level. Without even visiting the dealership everything from set-up to sound effects, was executed in a most professional manner on the day. Your commentary during the evening kept our guests informed of proceedings whilst they awaited the big moment. When this moment came your special effects together with music and explosions created a wealth of excitement and a huge round of applause for the occasion.

Considering how successful your ideas made this particular launch evening, I can confirm we would have no hesitation in making personal recommendations for your services in the future. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future

Yours Sincerely

Marc Jaconelli

Dealer Principal