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PEUGEOT Charters Aldershot

Dear Mr Lee

I write to thank you for the superb "Lead Generation Evening" you staged at our site recently.

I am sorry not to have written earlier but we have been so busy with test drives you produced for us. Your companies computer printouts arrived within a day and my staff began making appointments immediately. In fact we are still dealing with some customers almost a month later.

The data you supplied for 'business' buyers in the area resulted in over a hundred responses which came from both Proprietors and Directors whom we had not previously contacted. Together with our own data the showroom soon became packed with prospects and their partners.

Without any pre planning whatsoever the show was executed and controlled in a superb manor. The mix of entertainment and promotion was second to none and the sky light could be seen right across town. The silence you managed to obtain whilst the audience stood to watch the Peugeot 406 report on the big screen was astonishing. That promotion for the 406 in itself was of enormous value.

My thoughts that you needed to see our showroom 'in advance' was totally unfounded. Both yourself and your staff had a clear picture of the set out within minutes of arrival. I can assure others that your experience means this is unnecessary waste of time.

The test drives you placed on my desk just 48 hours after the event will mean we will want to do more business with you in the very near future. I have worked for many franchises and have never seen a manufactures invitation produce this same result. In fact I believe your "Lead Generation Events" service to be quite unique.

Finally, please thank the Tom Jones look-alike, the bar girls and any background staff for putting together "the" most successful and justifiable promotional event I have ever had the pleasure to witness.

Yours sincerely

David Manchester

Director Of Sales & Marketing