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PEUGEOT Charters Aldershot

Dear Mr Lee

I write to thank you for another superb 'Lead Generation Evening' and 'Clearance Sale Weekend'. Your companies fresh ideas are certainly paying off here at Charters Peugeot. The sales figures you ask for are as follows:

1)  During the sale weekend we sold 30 vehicles.

2)  During the following ten days we sold 35 vehicles.

3)  During the month after the event we sold a total of 126 vehicles.

From screening the site to printing invitations Showroom Promotions 'again' came up with all that was promised. Again you have more than justified the cost.

As you know the new 'closed sale' idea went so well that we purchased all the hire equipment you supplied. That in itself must speak volumes on how successful it was. We will now hold these events on a regular basis.

Finally, please thank all your staff and the performers for another splendid open evening on the 406 Coupe launch. We all look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Yours sincerely

David Manchester FIMI

Director Of Sales & Marketing