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SKODA Forward Motors Luton

Dear Danny,

Without doubt, the most successful launch campaign we have ever staged. Whilst the launch of Octavia was an event in itself it was your management of the evening which turned it into a super success story.

At the start of the planning process we were a little apprehensive but we were soon overwhelmed with the ideas and proven techniques which were to be used. The inclusion of a Look-a-Like Star to provide entertainment, the method of inviting customers with an RSVP, the provision of a marquee to keep the showroom clear for display all proved to be the right decisions. Indeed on the night we were overwhelmed with the response, over 300 people to see the launch of one motor car. A total traffic jam and publicity well beyond our expectations.

We wouldn’t have been in a position to organise such an event ourselves and without hesitation we would recommend your services to any dealer with an important launch to organise.

Yours sincerely

Doug Mills F.I.M.I.

Managing Director