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TOYOTA Hartwell Banbury

Dear Danny

I write concerning our dealer event last week. As part of a large group I took a major risk spending such a large part of my budgets on one of your dealer events. To say the outcome was a spectacular success could only be described as the understatement of the year.

From the data your company supplied and the little we had amassed in the last year, I would estimate almost 500 people responded. Almost every other person I spoke with came from the local business community who all seemed to have taken opportunity to meet my staff and see our product out of business hours. I can confirm the following, taken from your computer printouts which arrived on my desk within a couple of days. The invitation produced an expected turnout of 456 people. It seemed most turned up!

1. 180 People were currently in the market to change cars.

2. 111 People wanted a test drive.

3. 362 response were received from both business and private individuals

Normally I would have been sure that the above results were the most impressive any dealer had ever produced if I had not seen so many other references you sent. From the design of a very enticing invitation to the event itself, Showroom Events have clearly accumulated the skills which make dealer events produce good profits. Added to this my staff were able to fully concentrate on their own jobs eliminating hidden cost normally associated with such promotions. Considering all the above we will definitely be using your services again.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Mason

General Manager