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TOYOTA Linpac Garages Boston

Dear Danny

I write concerning Showroom Events work on our recent launch evening. When you first approached us I found the references a little hard to believe. To imagine a dealer event producing so many test drive request from prospects actively seeking a car is 'unusual' to say the least.

As per your request I confirm the results from your invitations were:

a)  173 people ticked the test drive box

b)  166 people ticked to say they were thinking of changing cars

c)  42 required a finance quote

d)  104 required a p/x valuation

e)  According to these invitations 544 said they would attend the evening.

It seemed most kept their promise and just as important 388 people whom could not attend still returned invitations. This added an enormous amount of data to the prospecting list we now have.

We all felt the whole event ran very smoothly and you supplied everything promised. I don't think we had a second of boredom at any time. To see over 400 prospects watch Toyota's new showroom video on those big screens (in almost total silence) all on the same night was quite an achievement. I am sure Toyota GB would be quite stunned to see your own video from this part of the evening.

In conclusion, this was the largest and most cost effective showroom event we have ever staged. We most certainly would recommend you to both Toyota and any others.

Kind regards

Richard Bell

Toyota Dealer