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TOYOTA Marshall Peterborough

Dear Danny

I write concerning our fashion show and promotion evening recently.

I am more than pleased to hear the results of yet another fabulous event in the hope that Toyota consider your company for a corporate tour Without doubt each event has been very cost effective. My only regret is that we can' t create so many sales leads every month. Your companies unique invitation produced approximately

No of people attending 520

No of test drive request 96

No of currently thinking of changing cars 74

No of local business replies 97

Once again we had a whole new theme to the evening. The light show, a fashion show, big screens with a live camera and product video, fireworks finale and a sky light. This whole show was executed to perfect timing by a very professional crew. These people obviously work with you on a regular basis. please thank them all. The amount of publicity this event caused was enormous. I have been interviewed by newspapers and radio who both had us in the news for many days.

I am sure you will be snapped up by a manufacturer looking to put corporate tour together. This will improve your product knowledge and enable investment into a corporate image. Lets hope Toyota take a look at the results you have achieved for all those dealers in the past month.

Yours sincerely

David Smith

Dealer Principle