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TOYOTA (letter from HQ to dealer) Marshall Peterborough

Dear David,

Firstly, can I thank you for your very kind invitation to the Marshall Golf Day at Stoke Park and also whilst writing, I would like to acknowledge the great amount of effort that you and your team at Marshall of Peterborough put into the Corolla Launch on Tuesday 24th June, which I understand from Geoff Turral was outstanding.

I am sorry that I wasn't able to attend on the evening of 24th June, but I understand from Geoff that it was one of the most professional new model launches that he has seen on the region, and was certainly a credit to both you and your staff

I hope that the work that you have done in launching the car so professionally has enabled you to build an order bank for August, not only on the new Corolla, but across the range and that the recent open weekend was also a success in generating showroom traffic and lifting the levels of business generally.

Thank you once again for your kind invitation to both of these events and I am only sorry that I couldn't be with you at the Corolla launch.

Steve Settle

Toyota Regional & General Manager

West & Central Region