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TOYOTA Linpac Garages Grantham

Dear Danny,

Thank you for the recent Business to Business event at our Grantham branch.

Your company targeted the most difficult sector of the business community for William Henry’s multimedia financial presentation evening. These being managing directors of other companies in our Territory.

The result was very good with over 80 actually attending the evening and almost 200 replies in total. These replies gave our staff plenty of follow up work which included first contact opportunities to converse with local directors whom we bad never done business with before.

The set up, the show and your staffs commitment into making these events profitable for dealers shone through yet again, as it did recently in Boston. In fact we even sold that £40,000 Land Cruiser to one of the prospects!

Please thank all concerned and we look forward to seeing you at the Yaris launch early next year.

Yours faithfully

W.M Browning

Dealer Principal