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TOYOTA Marshall Peterborough

Dear Danny and staff

I write to thank you all for doing such a terrific job at our recent open night.

I have now used your services on a few occasions and know of others whom you have worked for. I can honestly say from my own personal experiences that Showroom Promotions events continue to be the best I have ever seen for dealerships.

Not only do you continue to exceed all expectations at the event itself but you also manage to justify the expenditure many times over. In fact, I enclose a letter from Toyota who echo our appreciation.

I confirm the computer printouts which contained sales leads, MOT data and address labels (to send out thank you letters) all arrived within a few days of the event. The results were:

185 people were currently thinking of replacements

125 people would like a test drive of a Toyota

62 people were interested in finance quotes

133 people were interested in a p/x quote

I would estimate that 350 people came to the evening and my staff are currently very busy following up all the sales leads created for Toyota.

Finally, we all look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Yours sincerely

David Smith

Dealer Principal