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TOYOTA  & LEXUS Essex Park Wickford

Dear Danny

Thank you for such great events at both our dealerships, West Park, Southend and here at Essex Park, Wickford.

As the No1 Toyota dealer in the county, I can honestly say we have never received such a large return of RSVPs in the past. Your style of invitation generated so many leads and so much extra showroom traffic that my staff were busy following them up in the following weeks.

Considering your fee included, catering, printing invitations (with just two days notice over the weekend) when the so called professionals made so many mistakes and then completely missed the object of the exercise. This was of course to collate leads for sales 'with' the relevant addresses and phone numbers (something they seemed to have forgotten to include even on the second attempt).

I would certainly advise any colleague to leave the invitation printing in your hands, or at least consult with you. For if this part is not done properly then, the success and purpose of such events are lost forever.

Finally, please thank your staff for a superb job.

Yours Sincerely

Shaun McElhinney

Dealer Principal