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TOYOTA  Fox's Garages Badgers Mount Near Sevenoaks

Dear Mr Danny Lee,

At last I have been able to find time to drop you a line.

We have been so busy here catching up on all the wonderful business that your spectacular launch show brought for our new Toyota Avensis, and also other Toyota models which we had on show that evening.

I was not disappointed with the number of local business owners who attended, far more than anticipated, and when added to the private guests and their partners this really did get the party very quickly into full swing.

The Diana Ross lookalike performed as well as Diana may have done, so much so, I am sure many thought they were listening to and looking at the real person. She, together with the Barbershop Singers and your goodself compering the evening resulted in a real night-club atmosphere.

As I knew that so many people would be attending, I was concerned that many would not be able to follow the events as they took place. However by cleverly positioning the large video screens you banished my fears. Everyone was able to see the fabulous light and smoke show from which the Avensis emerged.

You will be pleased to know the free continental holidays were well received and I have had many letters of thanks for the evening's entertainrment from clients together with one from a Toyota Director who said he just "popped in" before going on to another launch evening, but found our event to be so interesting and professional that he stayed on until the very end.

Thank you, Danny and your team, for giving Fox's and their customers an outstanding night to remember. For your information:

1.   Over 550 attended the event

2.   85 local business principals attended

3.   197 private guests and their partners arrived

4.   238 were approaching the time to change their vehicle

5.   159 requested a test drive

6.   67 wanted finance quotes

As you can see, my Sales staff have many days (weeks?) work ahead of them. Many thanks once again

Yours sincerely

Pierre Fox Dealer Principal