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VAUXHALL J. Toomey Motors Basildon

Dear Danny,

I would like to express my appreciation for the thought, consideration and hard work that your company put into our event on Thursday 19th October 1995 at my dealership when you helped launch the Vauxhall VECTRA.

A very big thank you to all involved for the night of entertainment. I was impressed on how the whole evening flowed. It was well planned and skillfully executed. The quality of presentation and content was excellent. I was delighted with everyone's marvellous performance.

The lighting, smoke and special effects were quite outstanding, far and away better than I expected. A successful balance was struck during the night and everyone had a wonderful time. I am totally amazed at how you manage to supply so much equipment for so little. The many other idea's you arrange to give our customers an evening out was definitely the way we will go in the future. We had more than a 70% response to our invites and I believe this was totally due to putting on a show.

I was also impressed that you had supplied little extra's like ashtrays and glasses without charge. The latter together with your scheme to collect test drive phone numbers, put on an MOT demo, organise a look at the body shop and mention our used stock showed you were totally committed to helping us profit from this evening.

The main purpose of this letter is to thank you for such hard work, but you may certainly quote me to potential customers. With renewed thanks and every continued success in future promotions.

Yours Sincerely

Kim Lawrence

Sales Manager