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VAUXHALL Carringdale Motors Pulborough

Dear Danny

I write to thank you for organising such a successful Astra event at our Pulbourgh site last week.

I can honestly say (by a very large margin) more people attended this event than any other launch I have experienced in the past.

This of course was very much due to the style of invitation you printed for us. Everything from the spectacular exploding launch to the end of evening fireworks went very smoothly. Your staff and compere interacted and looked after the whole evening leaving myself and staff free to socialise with prospects.

I am more than pleased to confirm:

Over 300 attended the event, approximately 100 marked an interest in test drives and at least 100 said they were thinking of changing cars at present.

Added to this many marked that they were interested in either finance or PX valuations and we have a very busy period ahead organising test drives with the incentives supplied.

Finally, if you require personal recommendations please don't hesitate to ask others to give me a call.

Yours sincerely

Chris Banks